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How to add additional header above list report column header

Started by nayitian, 14 Jan 2010 07:13:51 PM

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Hello all,

I have been hunted with this issue for a while, cannot find any solution.
The version I am using now is 8.2. What I would need is a list report, above default column header, there is a need to add additional two headers :

additional header2                              geographic      details
additional header1                         geographic info           time info
default header:      col1     col2     region    zipcode     timezone    timeDiff

Can it be achieved in 8.2 report studio?
Thank you in advance.


Could you just drop two blocks onto the page before the list?



Thanks for the suggestion, that 's actually what I did. Put list table in a table cell, and put one block along with text above the list table.
However, I am still looking for, maybe, better solution, which allows to directly insert second list header in the list report, or something else.