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8.4 Upgrade issue - Query item

Started by cognosun, 29 Jan 2010 01:08:11 AM

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There is a Query Studio report which was developed in 8.1 and was running fine.

After migrating to 8.4 it's failing giving the 'No data available' error.

When  I opened the report in  8.4 Report Studio I found 2 tabs ( one is List tab and another is 'No Data available' tab), when opened the same report in 8.1 Report studio, these tabs are not there, here it's running fine.

When I validate the report in 8.4, I'm getting below error:

" RQP-DEF-0104 : QE-DEF-0469 :There is a cross join for the user who has identity..."

Then I started building the report from scratch, column by column, in 8.4, and found that it's the issue with one query item.

If I remove that query item I'm getting output successfully, same as in 8.1

I'm confused how to link the relationship between Version upgrade, one Query item and Cross join !!



If you build a new report containing just the one suspect query item, does it work or give an error?

Sounds suspiciously to me like you have an issue with your reporting package - has it been republished from Framework Manager since the jump to 8.4?



that particular query item is fetching data, when run independently.

We didn't republish it from FM, as we have no other issues with that package.


upgrading the package and the report might help. We had a similar kind of issue, upgrading from 8.1 to 8.3 SP2. And after upgrading the FM model and publishing the package, the issue was fixed...