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I just want to make a query that returns every one of the parameter values with a single row for each.

For example...

A prompt that allows a user to enter values 1, 2, 3 etc. (as many values or whatever values the user wants)
and, then return those values in query as:



Wondering if you provide provide some additional info...

Are you interested in the values  available for selection in the prompt OR the values selected?
Is the prompt based on a Query ?   
But that seems too easy as you could just create a List from the same query used for your Prompt - so I assume I am missing something.

Can to clarify?
Dashboards / Re: Using DMR Hierarchy in a Dashboard
« Last post by RichardP on 12 Dec 2018 12:38:32 pm »
Just wanted to mention..  we are using 11.0.11 and need to provide Dashboards in both ENGLISH and FRENCH.

Member Sorting on a LEVEL works when the Content Language is in ENGLISH only.
When the Content Language is switched to FRENCH - Member Sorting is NOT working - that is the Member Sort on the Level is ignored.
No Errors - but the SORT switches to an Alpha Sort - we have an open Support call on this issue.
Workaround is to hard-code a number prefix (ugly..)
NOTE:  This is only in a DASHBOARD report via a non-dashboard report  member sorting in FRENCH via a non-dashboard report is fine)

I need to create a query that returns all the values from a Multi-Select Prompt.
There may be no Cognos and/or Oracle data values that represent these parameters.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
General Discussion & Gossip / Re: IBM Think 2019
« Last post by oscarca on 12 Dec 2018 12:15:57 pm »
Hope to see you guys there !
Would be great to meet you Paul, you are my Cognos idol !!
TM1 / Cafe not seeing Running Instances.. Any ideas?
« Last post by donap on 12 Dec 2018 10:42:28 am »
Hi !
We are currently at a loss what to look at -- The issue  appears to be related to apps that use the pmhub or pmpsvc  services

ANY clues at what else to try would be greatly appreciated !

The TM1 Server Instances Services are RUNNING on the WINDOWS Server...
In CAFE - our CONNECTION to the Server is Successful ... but no Instances appear to select a package from -- the list is just empty
> Architect works fine    > TM1 WEB works Fine

>Web based Ops Console -- Connects to the Admin Host, but shows the TM1 Server Instances with a red square box -- and therefore no display of Threads, etc. 

We have been working on this for OVER A WEEK.
WE have completely Uninstalled TM1 from the Server and Re-installed it, and re-applied all the patches

MODIFIED - Server name, references to Gateway and External URI Verified Correct...
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\tm1web\WEB-INF\configuration\tm1web_config.xml
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\server-config.wsdd
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\pmpsvc_config.xml
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\fpmsvc_config.xml

Checked – NO mods required:
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\ fpmsvc_config.wsdd
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\ fpmsvc_config.xsd
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\ pmpsvc_config.wsdd
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\
C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\webapps\pmpsvc\WEB-INF\configuration\ pmpsvc_config.xsd

Reporting / Annoying unpin icon in Cognos 11.1
« Last post by Helvio on 12 Dec 2018 10:17:47 am »
Since the Cognos 11.1.1 upgrade, my embedded reports show this annoying Unpin icon.

If I click it, it goes away - at least for a while - but since we're embedding using iframes, we're occasionally getting scrollbars and the such.

Does anyone know how to remove it, hopefully with a URL param like ui_navbar=false / ui_appbar=false? Those are already set, by the way.

Thank you!
Administration and Security / Browse webdav images
« Last post by Reinhard on 12 Dec 2018 09:24:28 am »
Hello all,

when I insert an image in Cognos 11.0.13 I then double click it and it opens the image picker where I can click Browse.

However, as soon as I choose a picture and the path changes to somethin line ../samples/images/pic.jpg the Browse button is greyed out. When I manually change the path back to ../samples/images I can again press the Browse button.

Has anyone else this behaviour?
Report Studio / Re: List of LCRs pointing to a report
« Last post by CognosPaul on 12 Dec 2018 09:20:53 am »
the only way I can think of would be to use a third party tool like metamanager or motio. Find the XML snippet and do a search for that.

An example snippet:

Code: [Select]
<layoutComponentRef refLayoutElement="Header"><reportPath path="/content/folder[@name='ReferenceLibrary']/report[@name='Sales Components Library']"><XMLAttributes><XMLAttribute xml:space="preserve" output="no" name="ReportName" value="Sales Components Library"/><XMLAttribute xml:space="preserve" output="no" name="ref_iid" value="i3669"/></XMLAttributes></reportPath></layoutComponentRef>
Reporting / Re: IBM Think 2019
« Last post by oscarca on 12 Dec 2018 08:29:44 am »
Thank you Lynn :)
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