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Reporting / Progressive Chart on C11 Reporting
« Last post by Sans on 15 Mar 2019 09:48:35 am »

I have a C11 report containing a progressive chart (not a RAVE but a standard progressive chart). In this chart values are progressive starting from 0 but increasing from the value of the previous element.

Rather then this, I'd like to have a chart having positive values always starting from 0 not from the end of the previous value.

Pls see attached image

Any idea ??

 Thank you for your reply.
Report Studio / Drill Through report Output to bespoke filename
« Last post by darrenhoggard on 15 Mar 2019 09:06:01 am »
I have a report that has a link to a drill through report that gets exported to excel upon clicking it, it uses 4 fields as inputs to the filter parameters in the output. This works fine and creates an excel file.

The excel file name is always the same i.e. then name of the report. Is there any way to instead use the 4 fields combined to name the excel file - [Vendor]_[franchise]_[billing_period]_[type].xlsx ?

Also, can you change the location of the output, instead of the downloads folder, can I change it to a networked drive, or does it just use the default download folder from the browser?

many thanks
Report Studio / Re: Data item value as render variable for another page
« Last post by walktt1 on 15 Mar 2019 07:09:03 am »
Create a new query called "page whatever render"

In that query add a filter [checkbox1]='+' and [id]=2 or whatever you need.

Add a list to the page you want hidden, and put the results from that query in the list. On the list properties there's a property called "render page when empty". Set that to no, and set the box type to none.

When the list is empty, the query is returning no results, then it will cause the page to not render.
Thanks! Worked great for me
Problem: Cognos Report(HTML, Excel or PDF) for 15K Records running for 20-30 mins while the report SQL runs in 3 secs in the DB(fetched all rows by editing the SQL developer preferences)

Few Details:
1. Simple List Report with minimal formatting and containing about 15 columns
2. The report rows per page property is set to a high number to get all the rows..

Any thoughts on why where and why cognos takes so much time

Upgrading to Cognos Analytics / Cognos 11.1.x Installation on Linux
« Last post by habibayasmin on 15 Mar 2019 12:27:14 am »
Hello everyone!

I want to migrate Cognos 10.2.2 from Windows Server to Cognos 11.1.x in Linux Redhat, I tried out to search like IBM documentation but I didn't find any useful resources to help me out regarding this concern, I would like to request please provide me any useful resources to migrate Cognos 10.2.2 from Windows Server to Cognos 11.1.x in Linux. Thanks in advance!

Have a look at supported environments.

EDGE is not supported in 11.0.x
But is supported in 11.x

Reporting / Cognos analytics - Prompt text is missing in Microsoft Edge
« Last post by dwsudheer on 14 Mar 2019 04:30:08 pm »

I have Generated promt in my prompt page and it's working in Chrome and IE, we recently started using EDGE for Cognos analytics,when i try to run the report in EDGE, the Generated prompt text is not showing to enter value in EDGE.Please find attached snap for the same.Please suggest.Thanks
Bit of an age old question.

We let authors create reports in PRD. We set them up with a shared area where they can write reports and save them (they actually did started Report Studio development on their own). But. We absolutely do not support this area, not the reports, not the numbers in those reports.

All PRD content that is promoted into the standard read/run only area is naturally UAT'd and signed off. If a user created report is required to go into the general population it then is regressed back to dev for standardisation and a tidy up, its then run through the formal UAT and sign off process. This is non negotiable.

Also all content in a My Folders area is accessible for the admin to copy out and into their My Folders area for review. If the user wins the lottery the I would suggest asking them very nicely if they like to share.

Also you can add governors to your package to limit rows returns, joins, tables etc. You could even have a secondary package that the users can see/access purely for their development.
Thanks for the suggestion CognosPaul.  That did the trick.

For completeness...

In addition to publishing the package with the validation error, since we have a layered model (data source layer, business layer and presentation layer), I also had to locate the function in the business layer (as opposed to the data source layer) and then made that available in the package definition (hide component).  Additionally, although the function in the model does show the proper result data type being returned (decimal), the data type of the query item in the presentation layer that references the function is blank, I had to explicitly indicate that it's a Fact and I had to explicitly indicate that the Regular Aggregate property was set to Sum.

With all that set in FWM, the backend SQL being generated looks correct and the call to the function only shows up when using the query item that references the function.

Thanks again CognosPaul for the suggestion!
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