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Hi Lads,

I need your help.
I have a package of TM1 which is directly linked to Cognos Analytics . I have attached a pic of my package.
I am new to TM1. I tried everywhere but didn't find any helpful material.

So my task is in the package which i have directly linked through TM1, need to hide one cube which SKU .
I tried every possible solution which i cam to know through google but didn't in this.

Guys i am in dire need of your help. Please help me out from this situation.

One of the tables has just one row for a given date, the other is a deal-by-deal table. The value of the first table cannot be allocated to deals. But we need a calculation based on that table's single value and the summary of the other table(s). It is currently done in Excel and I am trying to replicate the Excel to make an automated report.
Reporting / Several issues when upgrading to 11.1.5
« Last post by CognosMarson on 27 Mar 2020 02:15:02 pm »

I've encountered several issues after upgrading cognos from 11.1.4 to 11.1.5.
  • My "Manage" toolbar is in another language than the rest of Cognos analytics
  • Some reports doesen't display data anymore, i.e. the crosstabs are filles with "--" instead of numbers, please see attached file.

Do anyone have a solution to both or one of my problems?

Reporting / Report with different tables
« Last post by cognos05 on 27 Mar 2020 02:08:59 pm »
Hi ,

I have report with one master table and many tables inside that table .

There are few text items,list ,charts ,crosstabs placed in the report .

As there are many controls the report when ran in html goes to next page on page down .

The issue I am having is its showing one row of table 4 in the first page and then again start the table 4 in second page .

How to tell on first page it should show only 3 tables and then start next from page down page.

I played around with pagination property and rows per page on crosstabs nothing seems to be working .

Ususally how does goes show hom many controls in a page and then goes to next page .

Is there any particular reason why the source model didn't have any conformed dimensions (and I'm not talking about the things with hierarchies, levels and members) between these two facts?

Is it a cock-up on the part of the modeller or did he actually knew what he was doing?

Where is the relationship?  Between these two fact tables?  Why that?

If your model had a stand alone calculation with the expression that you want, you could use that, provided there was at least one conformed dimension (and that this dimension is what you need to use in your report)?
Report Studio / Re: Vender specific function not supported
« Last post by Cape Cod Gunny on 27 Mar 2020 10:05:46 am »
nvm, found it. in this case it was a manual aggregate function "maximum( [xxx] for report )"

Please edit your topic title and add (Resolved)
Cognos Administration / Re: Profile Changes and Scheduled Reports
« Last post by Cape Cod Gunny on 27 Mar 2020 10:02:43 am »
When you look at the Schedules in the Administration panel does it list all the non-working schedules as "Scheduled By Unavailable"?

You could try this on one of the non-working schedules...

What happens when you are inside the Schedules section of the Administration panel
and right-click on a schedule  -> choose Modifiy this schedule... > click Use my credentials then Save?

Does the schedule work after changing the credentials?

Report Studio / Improving nested master-details
« Last post by hespora on 27 Mar 2020 07:48:10 am »
Hi there,

(cognos 10.2.2, relational on oracle)
so my current task is to create a report with three nested levels of master-detail relationships:

- Pageset on Country (3 distinct values)
- Repeater table on Customer (~30 distinct values)
- Repeater table on Product group (4 distinct values)

this is to show data containers (charts) on each level, i.e. a country chart, a country+customer chart, and a country+customer+product chart.

Of course, the performance is terrible. Just implementing the first two levels pushes the runtime to upwards of 2 hours, and I'm guessing implementing the third level of nesting will be double-digit hours.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve performance in cases like this? Of course, hardcoding the whole thing with different queries rather than letting M-D do the heavy lifting would be an option, but I kinda want to avoid that.

Report Studio / Re: Vender specific function not supported
« Last post by hespora on 27 Mar 2020 07:36:03 am »
The way I figured with my original issue is, as soon as you do build something that forces cognos to use cognos SQL rather than native SQL (pointing a query at anything other than your package, using cognos-specific aggregate functions, etc), that query runs in cognos' own query engine rather than on the database. Thus, you won't be able to use vendor-specific functions.
Reporting / Using the sum of two unrelated query columns for a calculation
« Last post by Imre on 27 Mar 2020 06:18:03 am »

I'd like to calculate a measure in a Query in Cognos Analytics Report where the measure is the following:


I tried this by creating a join between the two tables, joining two random columns of query1 and query2 and using 1..n relations for both tables.

The result was the number '1' for query3.

What is the correct way of calculating sums of two unrelated queries for a third query? I'd like to use the final number in a Singleton.

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