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I'm having some major issues with a new CA 11.0.11 environment and would appreciate any ideas on where to look.

The environment is a distributed, with two gateway boxes and two content manager boxes, using IIS and running as SSL

When we attempt to access the software via the browser we are experiencing load times of between 5 seconds to a minute to display the log on screen. If I view the developer tools window within the browser (F12) i see several errors, which i know isn't good.  >:(

Many of the IBM tickets that relate to similar issues, detail configurations round SSO being incorrect. However we are not using SSO

I've attached a copy of the errors that I'm seeing in the hope they may mean something to someone, as any push or shove in the right direction would be helpful.

Thanks for reading
Framework Manager / Re: FM Modell to ERD
« Last post by Luetkemeie on Today at 03:30:52 am »
Hallo MFGF,

thanks for you help but unfortunately I don't know any ERD tool which can read XML.
Reporting / Re: textbox prompt for showing top items
« Last post by oscarca on Today at 01:51:55 am »
So I resolved all the errors but performance issues has occured.
When displaying the top item groups or the top brands by using the top count() and the prompt parameter the report loads decently fast. But when choosing to display the lowest level in the hierachy i.e. top items the report just loads forever.

topcount([Item];?topItem?;[Volumes Current+Last Month])

The datasource is a SSAS cube. I have done the same logic with a previous Transformer cube and it generates the items (lowest level) relatively fast.
Is the top count sorting for items to heavy for the report to perform ?
Hi David ,
I have tested the connection in cognos configuration.and it was successful.
we have odbc version 7 on cognos server and I got a reply IBM that odbc version 7 has issues with audit database .They have asked me to change it to version 6 and try .
Could you let me know what version of ODBC install in your server ?
I have three visualizations in an active report using Cognos 11.  Visualizations 1 and 2 can be clicked on to filter visualization number 3.  Vis. 3 is a stacked bar, and ideally the axes would adjust for the filtered results.

I have the 3rd visualization set to "Category Range" = Filtered Data.  I have done this on another report and it worked, so I am unsure why the axes won't adjust.
Reporting / CSV Export and Summary Row
« Last post by dpccgf on 18 Jul 2018 05:25:19 pm »
I have a report with a summary row total.  I need to export to CSV and have that row show as a trailer record. Is that possible without me doing another query that just has the trailer data?  It exports fine, but the totals show as columns in the CSV.  TIA
Reporting / Complex calculation for generating character string
« Last post by Harrylytics on 18 Jul 2018 04:08:11 pm »

I have a list containing incoming arrivals (persons) to a country. I would like to identify which people are traveling together. I have over 20 variables for this, but just to get an idea of how to do this, i am using the 7 most important variables.

Attached you find an anonimized sample to give an impression.

I would like to give unique string of 12 characters to identify people who travel together.
For this i would like to use:
timein -  the time they pass customs
datein - the date they pass customs
last name
place of stay
country of residence
length of stay

If you don't have the answer, can anyone tell me how to generate a random string of 12 characters (numbers + letters)?

Thanks in advance.

My search skills failed me, seems like this should have come up before but I can't track down a thread.
Management of users/groups and associated access is becoming a burden.  Anyone have experience with the BSP suite of CA admin tools or other similar products for managing users, groups, access, etc. within CA?  Is using these products common with CA or do most just manage things with the CA interface?  TIA for any insight.
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