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Hi folks, This is a Relational Framework Request for help! Cognos 11 Analytics

I have come up with a Data Item that does the below but the below is returning (0) unfortunately.

If [report_date] >= _add_days (?Prompt Date?,-365)) then
(_days_between][report_date], [closed_date])

So all I need to do to return the days between if [closed_date] falls within the last 365 days but
in a Data Item within the same Query that may have the same for going back Two Years, etc..

Pls help if you can.

Report Studio / Re: Report Reference
« Last post by rockytopmark on Today at 12:43:43 pm »
Not sure about Cognos 10.2.1 or higher, but in Cognos 11.0.n there is a property setting on the Report Reference that is set to Ignore or Merge parameters.  Ignore, as implied will not take parameters from outside, but Merge will allow report to accept parameter values already set.  Works like a champ.
I still get this occasionally... I am on Cognos 11.0.10
Administration and Security / Re: Number of retrieved rows exceeds
« Last post by halciber on Today at 12:36:40 pm »
Hi MF,

Thank you for this detailed explanation. It's a big help. This report does require the user to select a date when running it. So it isn't hard coded.

I spoke to the report's author, and he indicated that he did not use a security filter. Actually, he doesn't know anything about them. Leaving a real mystery.

Cognos Administration / Re: Content manager activation time
« Last post by sdf on Today at 11:59:37 am »
I guess so, but the problem is we cannot just lookup the content store for many reasons.

Now, with the extended audit, this is something I am not aware of.
I'll look it up.

Thanks for your reply!

Cognos Administration / Re: Content manager activation time
« Last post by cognostechie on Today at 11:54:13 am »
I don't really know the answer but I know that Cognos extended audit captures a ton of information on the content store. The Content store might be having a table which captures the time of shifting the Content Manager. Have you tried installing the extended audit? There are two audits, one is basic and the other one is extended.
Dynamic Cubes / Re: Can Dynamic Cube be used in Tableau?
« Last post by cognostechie on Today at 11:48:16 am »

A Dynamic Cube is a technology that runs over star/snowflake schemas in a data warehouse and includes in-memory caches and utilises in-database aggregate tables to make access to the data much more performant than if you were reporting purely over the underlying tables. In theory, any reporting tool can be used to report directly off the tables themselves, but only Cognos Analytics can utilise the technology that Dynamic Cubes leverages. Since Cognos Analytics can create much more detailed and controllable reports than Tableau, and can also create dashboards that look just as good (and are also far easier to create), why would you want to go anywhere near Tableau?


It's not me, it's the market. Most companies using Cognos are still using ver 10 and the visualizations in those are no match to Tableau and they have already brought Tableau licenses. Ver 11 also earned the reputation of being a 'buggy' version and that's my opinion too. It takes a while to convince people to switch and also depends on the budget available. Till then I don't want my sales to suffer so thinking of all options.

Thanks for the answer. It gave me what I wanted to know.

I am experiencing the same issue.  If anyone minds to revisit this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.
Administration and Security / Re: Number of retrieved rows exceeds
« Last post by MFGF on Today at 11:00:01 am »
Hi MF,

Thank you very much for helping me with this. You are correct about the Active Report validation option being checked. You are also correct about a filter being used; but this filter looks like it is a data filter. That is, it is looking for specific values in the query. However, I don't see any specific security filter.

Would the security filter be set in the query/report, or would this be a group setting?

Thank you again for your help! I really appreciate it.

Best Regards,
Mike Goldweber

Hi Mike,

Security filters are set up in Framework Manager and are baked into the package. They are usually based on groups from your security provider, eg anyone who belongs to group A has a security filter [Branch] = 'Northern Branch' and anyone who belongs to group B has a different filter [Branch] = 'Southern Branch'. In this case, two authors belonging to different groups and writing/running the same report from the same package would see different results. The whole idea of security filters is that they cannot be overridden within a report, ensuring you retain your analytics governance and prevent people from seeing data they shouldn't have access to. If you want to add/change/remove them, the only place to do this is in Framework Manager (then re-publish your package).

Coming back to your existing data filter in the report, is it hard-coded, or does it involve a prompt of some sort, allowing users to choose different values?


Dynamic Cubes / Re: Can Dynamic Cube be used in Tableau?
« Last post by MFGF on Today at 10:50:06 am »
1 year working with tableau, for me I can say that tableau is not cube friendly.
It pains me when one of the useful use of tableau (data extract) is not available for cube source.

With a Dynamic Cube, the data lives in your data warehouse, and the benefit is (and it's a HUGE one) that you know the data is governed, reliable and trustworthy. Using Cognos to present this data also brings in analytics governance - if your CA has been secured with any thought to common sense, you know users cannot see/do things they should not be able to. Putting both of these together, this means any analytics you deliver are showing results that can be trusted, with traceable lineage back to where the values come from, and audit capabilities that prove you haven't messed with the numbers. As soon as you start sucking out the data and putting it somewhere else, that governance and confidence in the data evaporates. Yes, I'm sure that Tableau dashboard looks really pretty, but what real value does it serve if you don't know if you can trust what it is telling you?

Just my tuppence :)

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