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Reporting / Not seeing option of freezing column headers or rows.
« Last post by anandcognos on 19 Jul 2018 09:30:09 pm »
Hello all,

In crosstab column, when I right click , it shows me option of sorting , filtering etc , but not freezing column headers or rows. What should I do to see option of freezing column headers on right click. Any pointer on this is appreciated. Report is developed in cognos analytics 11

Reporting / Freezing column header shows only 2-3 rows.
« Last post by anandcognos on 19 Jul 2018 09:25:25 pm »

When I try to freeze column headings by using built in feature of cognos i.e right click and freeze column headings, columns become freeze but crosstab shows only 3-4 rows, not utilizing whole page. I will appreciate any pointer on this. My crosstab is inside block with block size as 15 cms and show scrollbar when necessary.

Framework Manager / Re: Way to automate editing multiple query items?
« Last post by CognosPaul on 19 Jul 2018 03:34:40 pm »
On notepad++ you can use XML Tools to tidy the model up a bit. Once you get the basic structure down, you can write a script to do it. I don't know Python, but I understand it does support xpath, so you should be able to get it to do what you need.
Framework Manager / Re: Way to automate editing multiple query items?
« Last post by LostInTime on 19 Jul 2018 01:18:00 pm »
At the end of the day the model is just an XML file. If you're any good with xpath it should be possible to write a quick script with whatever language you want.

I would interested in accessing my model as an xml file, how would I be able to achieve this? I'm somewhat familiar with xpath and I'm sure I could figure any issues with it if they arose.

I know the model saves as a cpf file, and theres multiple xml files next to it. Do these files contain all the query items and query subjects? I have skimmed but was unable to find everything, I opened them in a text editor. Should I be using a different program?

EDIT: So wow I was able to change the description, I guess everything is there in model.xml. Had to use notepad++ instead of visual studio. Yeah going to have to play with this and learn some xpath which will be helpful. Its very disorganized but, this is a good starting point. Thanks for the suggestion
Framework Manager / Re: Way to automate editing multiple query items?
« Last post by LostInTime on 19 Jul 2018 01:15:33 pm »
Here are a couple links that might give you ideas:

Thank you, I had reviewed the links and the issues I came up with are:

Link 1: Editing a bunch of query items, say like 25, is difficult in one excel sheet since everything is "disorganized" and not all relevant data is in one column, it is all over the place. Guide said I should do one by one, but that seems counterproductive and resorts back to "manual labor"

Link: Would still have to edit the files individually, and it seems I can only add a description en masse e.g. the same string for them all. Each string is unique to each value. I'd have to manually re-enter a new one.

With that being said, maybe I am missing something/doing something wrong or perhaps there are other options I could try doing?
I have a report which is based on a join.
Query A - has data items related to Product
Query B - had data items related to a Contract
Query C is a join of Query A and Query B with following cardinality(using a primary key)
Each A has one and only one B, B has one or more A.

All the parameters are applied on the child queries i.e, queries A and B.
Query C has a filter to return records with Max End Date (Contract)

This logic works for majority of the situations except a few. The exception being

B has contracts which has a start date and end date. For certain products, the contracts expire every year. If the user runs the report for a Particular product number without using a date parameter, the result set is as expected i.e a record with a max end date (ex: end date = Mar 2019)
However, when the user runs the report for the same product number but with a date prompt for 2018, the report returns a record for the product which has a contract expiring in 2018. While technically true based on the data, the user is now requesting that the filter for max date should be applied first and then the parameter for the date value be passed so that result set is null.

I have tried to use except function but the result is not as expected.
Hi all

We recently moved from cognos 10.2.2 to cognos analytics 11 . In 10.2.2 , I was using this class to freeze columns of crosstab.
It was working fine in 10.2.2 , but stopped working in cognos analytics. I will appreciate your pointers for this issue. I do not want to use in built "freeze column headings" as it reduces height of columns in crosstab. Thanks
How do I get this Alert Studio? I am using 11.0.7. I tried setting this up in Event Studio, but it appears that is nothing more than a scheduled report. I only want it to trigger an Event(Email) when a certain threshold is met.
Event Studio / Re: Report Alert Window
« Last post by ggray on 19 Jul 2018 12:51:52 pm »
I am still confused on this alert deal. I would like to trigger an email based on a metric that I either build in Event studio or that is on an existing report, but I can find no where to do this. Do I need to install an alert studio or something? Using 11.0.7
Reporting / Re: Complex calculation for generating character string
« Last post by CognosPaul on 19 Jul 2018 12:37:14 pm »
What is your underlying database?

If you're looking at SQL Server, something like this should work:
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