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I was able to get all the images to render in PDF format.   It was a server permission issue.   Thank you so much for your assistance on this.
Reporting / Filter if both results return (new user)
« Last post by trasmith on Today at 02:29:03 pm »

I am relatively new to Cognos 11 and I am working on a report to show when preventative maintenance is due. Each unit has an A-pm and a B-pm which are dependent upon each other. Meaning that if the B-pm is due and completed it fulfills the A-pm and the cycle starts over.

Currently my report shows me all pm's due.
When a unit has the A-pm and B-pm due due for a unit I only want to show the B-pm as being due.
Only in this situation do I want to hide the A-pm, at all other times when due it should show.

I am not sure how to accomplish this. I've attached an screen print of my report.
May be you are past this already :)

We ran into this too when we were testing reports during upgrade and moved content in SBX for testing from PROD. The only way around was to:
Cut and paste these packages in the desired path, which is Team Content>>Shared>> in your case.
After that take the export and import in the other environment.
And finally cut and paste the packages to their original location.
We use Motio PI on top of Cognos to pull content information. Compare the list of reports from Motio (all reports) with the ones that show up from Audit report (only the ones that have run). The difference is what you are looking for.

Btw, this feature is also available in the free version of Motio. Give it a shot if this sounds like something that you could use :)

Administration and Security / Enable SSO in Cognos Analytics 11.0.10
« Last post by charlie on Today at 02:00:36 pm »
Hi All!

We are planning to set up single signon for a Cognos Analytics R10 environment that's already running without SSO. I have the Optional Gateway and IIS configured already (we use it for load balancing today). I did all the SSO related steps that were skipped while configuring IIS when the install was done, but am still getting prompted to enter credentials. Clueless on what could be going wrong. Does anyone know a resource that I can refer to, to configure SSO for a already live environment. I've tried combing the web but have had no success so far.  Found a lot of pointer that i tried and tested (including some in this community) but got all sort of weird errors and kept reverting.

Thanks in advance!

Hello all I have this error message from a CQM to DQM report in Cognos 11
XQE-GEN-0005 Found an internal error:
Encountered "=" at line 16, column 11.
Was expecting one of:
    "/*+" ...
    "[" ...
    "??(" ...
    "*" ...
    "+" ...
    "-" ...
    "." ...
    "/" ...
    "||" ...
    "and" ...
    "except" ...
    "fetch" ...
    "filter" ...
    "intersect" ...
    "limit" ...
    "or" ...
    "order" ...
    "union" ...
    "window" ...
    "order" ...

Any idea how to resolve this in report studio
Reporting / Baseline in Visualization and Year/Month Axis
« Last post by mgregory24479 on Today at 11:08:53 am »
I am wanting to update the attached chart to a visualization. This chart is comprised of a baseline field and an axis of Year/Month. I have tried this multiple ways in the visualization (I am using Cognos 11.0.9). Any suggestions on completing this update is greatly appreciated.
Reporting / Re: Dynamic YTD prompt selection
« Last post by Lynn on Today at 10:31:52 am »
Hello Cognos gurus,

Does anyone know how to make YTD dynamic based on what month you choose in the prompt. Right now I only have a static filter that works if you want to look at YTD based on current date but I wish to make this dynamic so when I choose for example 2018 March I want to see/display YTD from that month (not from current date) or if I choose 2015 Sep I want to see YTD from that month. So the purpose of this function is to be able to see historic YTDs. The report is using relational data source.

Thanks in advanced!
Best regards,

Are you planning to give the user a calendar control to specify the date to select? If so, this filter will take the year out of the selected date and convert it to January 1st of that year as the start of the date range with the parameter as the end of the date range.

Code: [Select]
[Sales (query)].[Time].[Date] between cast ( cast ( _year ( ?Select Date? ), char(4) ) || '-01-01', date ) and ?Select Date?
Reporting / Re: Dynamic YTD prompt selection
« Last post by Cognos_Jan2017 on Today at 10:01:19 am »
This may help you get started.

We have 2 prompts for
1 - Month = March, June, Sept, and December
2 - Year

The code below can be modified to include all 12 Months ...
NOTE ... the "From" date begins 2 months back from the
selected date to allow all accounting to be completed.

When ?p_TMonth? = 6 Then 'Feb - Apr FY'+Right(?p_TCalYr?,2)+' Q3'
When ?p_TMonth? = 3 Then 'Nov - Jan FY'+Right(?p_TCalYr?,2)+' Q2'
When ?p_TMonth? = 12 Then 'Aug - Oct FY'+Right(?p_TCalYr?+1,2)+' Q1'
When ?p_TMonth? = 9 Then 'May - Jul FY'+Right(?p_TCalYr?,2)+' Q4'

The "Thens" above can be modified, using _make_timestamps, and calculating
Months (back) to calculate Month Totals.  Something like ...
This being for 3 Months back from selected Month ...
When [Query].[LTMonths] between 2 and 4 Then [Query].[TotalL_Pounds]

'LTMonths' ...
_months_between ([SelMMYY],[TimeL])

'SelMMYY' ...
_make_timestamp (?p_TCalYr?,?p_TMonth?,1)

'TimeL' ...
_make_timestamp ([Calendar Year],[Calendar Year Month #],1)

HTH, Bob

TM1 / Reporting on TM1 Cube - Months keep repeating
« Last post by jburchill on Today at 09:30:07 am »
I was trying to build a report in report studio on a TM1 cube.  When I bring in the months the months repeat 3 times.  Example Jan18 through Dec18 will repeat three times.  Any ideas what to check and to stop it from repeating?
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