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The browser's developer's tools utilities.  Usually you can get at it via F12 but there's menu items.  In firefox you click on the hamburger menu at the top right hand corner and choose web developer.  In chrome its the inverted ellipsis icon, also at the tip right hand corner, and choose more tools/developer tools.  I don't know IE or Safari or Edge.

The default tab is usually console.   There's also a tab called network.   As you might imagine, it shows the traffic going on between your browser and whatever server you're accessing.

You clear by clicking the garbage can (firefox) or the clear icon (chrome).   You would want to do that just before you click to expand the macro where you don't see the stuff you want to see.

Once you do you action you'll see stuff.   You'd want to click on each and look at the headers and response.   There might be an error message which is in the response but is not showing up in the UI.   The response might contain an empty array ( in that case there will be some thing like {[]} somewhere in the response).

Framework Manager / Re: Export Framework Joins to PDF file
« Last post by bdbits on 22 Mar 2019 05:05:02 pm »
You could use a PDF "printer". I believe one comes built-in to Windows 10.
Need a little help as to what you mean.
I'm not sure what you mean by "Dev Toolbar" and then, consequently, the "Network Tab".

Reporting / Re: Formatting Stacked Column
« Last post by khayman on 22 Mar 2019 01:31:14 pm »
when you sort your Series with values "Above" and "Below" you are sorting based on the letters of the values, not the values....  :o :-\

Ok ok... let us say:

Above = 100
Below = 200

When you sort Ascending it will be: Above, Below
Sort descending and it will be: Below, Above

sorting is based on the label of your Series not its value

Now I guess what you want is to sort on values 100 and 200. So you need to set the sorting order based on your measure.
Administration and Security / Re: Custom Authentication Namespace
« Last post by Wolverine on 22 Mar 2019 01:28:22 pm »
Thanks, this gives us some new ideas.

However, we do not have admin rights to the Authentication provider. It works like a 'black box' to us. We submit the Java request to the web service and Cognos gets a response.
let's try this. reopen the report, but don't try to expand the param map yet. Open the dev toolbar and go to the network tab, clear it out so you don't have to much junk to go through.

When you expand the parameter map it should perform an ajax request. The row your looking for would be "reports"

Can you paste in the response you get from that?
Report Studio / Automatically adjust access in Active Report Chart
« Last post by D1234 on 22 Mar 2019 01:09:02 pm »

I have an active report which is set up with a line graph. The graph is built into a data deck and is connected to a drop down menu. My line graph shows the total quantity of items at a particular location. The graph is being filtered on the [Location] field and works perfectly. I am able to click on each location and view different graphs. The issue is that some locations have much larger quantities than others (i.e. one location has 5, another has 500). This results in the graph being skewed with a very large Y axis due to the larger locations. For example, when viewing a graph for a smaller location the Y axis remains the same, causing the graph to be difficult to read when changed. Is there a way to automatically scale the Y axis with each selection of the active graph?

Administration and Security / Re: Configure IIS for Cognos 11.0.12
« Last post by jcw3631 on 22 Mar 2019 12:24:38 pm »
Thanks!   :D  I actually found this article little before you posted LOL  I have been going through it and looks like the IBM script for IIS setup all this.  I am having issues in IIS when i convert to https using port 443 and the IP address dedicated for the website.  I get page not displayed.  I just want to see the IIS splash screen.  when i don't bind it and leave as unassigned i see IIS page.  any suggestions?
Dashboards / Re: Transfomer Cube as a datasource and using Maps
« Last post by cognosjon on 22 Mar 2019 10:16:10 am »
Hi Paul, thanks for the reply.

I've been getting the message "none of the locations could be resolved".
Strangely if i conduct what we could call a horrific test and cast the post code to varchar as a calculation within the dashboard. This calculated field is accepted and plots.

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