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My search skills failed me, seems like this should have come up before but I can't track down a thread.
Management of users/groups and associated access is becoming a burden.  Anyone have experience with the BSP suite of CA admin tools or other similar products for managing users, groups, access, etc. within CA?  Is using these products common with CA or do most just manage things with the CA interface?  TIA for any insight.
Administration and Security / Re: MsSQL: access to table but not to data
« Last post by sdf on Today at 11:10:06 am »
just for checking, can you set up an ODBC connection to your SQL and try to use that?
General Discussion & Gossip / Secure Connection Failed
« Last post by dougp on Today at 10:43:03 am »
About 75% of my clicks on Cognoise today are producing this:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Hello there.
This is perhaps an obvious question, but have you configured the 'Audit' functionality under 'Logging' on each of your servers (content managers and dispatchers) in your new environment?
Administration and Security / Re: CA 11 extended installation
« Last post by sdf on Today at 10:28:12 am »

I was just wondering the purpose of the expand feature in the installation.
Seems like it is for systems witch are installed using the Ready to Run! feature.
So if you deicide to add servers to that existing installation you'll use the expand feature. Here I thought it will then get what ever configuration you have from your initial setup. But looks like it is just any other installation where you need to manually configure the additional servers.

The process would be the same if you had a custom installation and decided to add servers. You will configure them manually.

This is how I understood it.

use the config from one of  your other servers as a base

does this mean you can just copy the config file from the initial install and there is no need for any other configuration?

Administration and Security / Re: CA 11 extended installation
« Last post by DavidHull on Today at 10:20:27 am »
Hi there, by "added a server", do you mean a net-new installation (dispatcher(?)), or are you upgrading an existing server?

If it's net-new, you will have to configure that install, or use the config from one of  your other servers as a base.
Administration and Security / CA11 user and expired credentials
« Last post by DavidHull on Today at 10:14:26 am »
Hello all.
We're getting to the point with our routine here, where we can look into repetative failures of reports on the Portal.
One of the ones we see often is this::
CM-REQ-4159 Content Manager returned an error in the response header. The error "cmAuthenticateFailed CM-CAM-4005 Unable to authenticate. Check your security directory server connection and confirm the credentials entered at login." can be found in the response SOAP header. CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client.

We've come to understand that at some point, the user has recently changed their NT Password while they had the Cognos Portal open in an active session.
Their new credentials were not updated on the Portal, so any schedules after that point fail on authentication.

It's easy enough to send an email out to the user with the steps necessary for them to "renew their credentials", but we are wondering if there is a programmatic approach to doing that (in an automated manner)

We are currently on CA11.0.11 on Windows Server 2012 R2, but we've been handling this issue since about CA11.0.7

Any suggestions on how we can proactively and programmatically reset those creds for our users?
Thanks as always for your time.
Reporting / Chart issue in simple line and column visualization
« Last post by cognosryan on Today at 09:54:22 am »
Hi Guys,

Im having a small issue, i need to amend a simple line and column visualization. I need to add the forecast infomation in alongside the budget. I've unlocked the report and tried to add in but it wont allow, am i only allowed to have one line in the chart?


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