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Author Topic: Cognos - Siteminder CAM-AAA-0165 and CAM-AAA-0161 error  (Read 3212 times)


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Hello, when logging in through the dispatcher we're getting the following errors.

The SiteMinder agent API function call to 'Sm_AgentApi_DecodeSSOToken()' failed with error code 'SM_AGENTAPI_FAILURE'.

Details \/
CAM-AAA-0161 Unable to decode SSO token.

We're clearing the front end Siteminder webagent and an smsession token is being created, so we know the issue isn't with Siteminder. We're running a 4x agent and have already verified the shared secret. We're running Cognos 10.2.1 with fixpack 3.

Any insight into this issue?
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