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Framework Manager / Re: Dimensional Functions in Framework Manager
« Last post by cognostechie on Today at 05:36:54 pm »
Did you know that 'huge data' doesn't work in Framework either and that's exactly IBM introduced Dynamic Cubes.
Event Studio / Re: Cognos 10.2 Event studio can't find folder
« Last post by sanchoniathon on 23 Sep 2022 07:25:50 am »
 No one really ?   :(
Announcements / Re: New England Cognos User Group
« Last post by mjcotter on 23 Sep 2022 07:15:09 am »
Join us for the New England Cognos User Group virtual meeting on October 19 from 11am-1pm. Topics: What's New in CA 11.2.3 and Roadmap; Data Sets and Data Modules – the best little-known features of Cognos 11; Ask the Experts Roundtable. Bring questions, experiences, and network. Registration is FREE: https://bit.ly/3Sa6Lyf
Framework Manager / Dimensional Functions in Framework Manager
« Last post by andigrill on 23 Sep 2022 07:01:05 am »

Until recently we used Cognos Transformer for creating Cubes. Because it's still 32-Bit and doesn't work too well with huge data we are starting modelling cubes in Framework Manager.
Datasource are Oracle Tables.

However, there are still some features of Transformer we are not sure how to implement in FM:
In time dimensons we want to have the same 'Current Month','Last month' Month before last month' and so on like transformer automatically creates.
Of course it's possible to have a table with the needed Dates and filter them for alternating hierarchies.
But how can you use the cognos Dimensional functions?
I tried
Code: [Select]
tail ([Dimensional Layer].[Date Dimensional].[Date].[Year]) and testing it delivers the correct value.
When I publish the package and open the Cube in Analysis Studio and expand the Hierarchy I get the message:
GEN-ERR-0016 : The ‘tail’ Function is Not Supported in the Context in Which It is Used

Where is the error?
Reporting / Re: Case statement with multiple values as filter
« Last post by sepusa on 22 Sep 2022 11:56:34 am »
Thank you so much for helping. The syntax you provided did worked for me with a small tweak.
Some how our system did not support cast function so need to replace that function in the syntax.
Thanks again.
Reporting / Ranking Total Report Value by Employee
« Last post by gats1527 on 22 Sep 2022 08:57:40 am »
WE are generating reports to show top 5 ranks (range can be changed via a filter) for total report value within a given time period and that is working correctly.  Now what we are trying to accomplish is display the top 5 but by employees based on total report values for a certain time period.  See below examples

Rank      EmployeeID    Total Report Value
1              123                      150
2              345                      125
3              678                      100
4              345                       50
5              123                       5

Rank formula is set as rank(total([Expense].[Report Header Information].[Total Report Value]) for report prefilter)

Now what we are trying to have displayed is the top ranking but by employee so employee ID 345 would be #1 ranking because of the 125 + 50 report values totally more that employee ID 123

Rank      EmployeeID    Total Report Value
1              345                      175
2              123                      155
3              678                      100

How would i adjust the ranking filter to accomplish this.

Thank you


Event Studio / Cognos 10.2 Event studio can't find folder
« Last post by sanchoniathon on 22 Sep 2022 07:28:37 am »

Anyone can let me know if we are supposed to be able to include a "view" as a Event or Task in a Event Studio when creating it or editing it  ?

Reason why is simply because when we go to the VIEW RUN HISTORY, we do see all tasks of the event studio :
- View (we can see the folder path thanks to the tooltip between the 2 /.../)
- Report (we can see the folder path thanks to the tooltip between the 2 /.../)
- PackageStoredProd1
- PackageStoredProd2

But, when we go inside the concerned Event to EDIT it we do not see the "view" only the report and the  2 PackageStoredProcs.

Also, when trying to find the FOLDER PATH of the supposed view we cannot find it in Cognos. Is it a file system ? It doesn't even starts with the standard PUBLIC FOLDERS >    name in the path.

Did you remove the everyone role from system administrators?  Make sure you have at least one valid user in that role once everyone is removed.
I have re-installed Cognos 11.1.7 on a new server.
We use LDAP for access
I did a Full Run Content Store including user information which I then imported into the new instance.
I had set up user/role access to all the folders in Team Content limiting access to certain folders. This works perfect in the old installation. However in the new installation, permissions aren't working at all. Every user/role can see every folder in Team Content even though on the folder they don't have permission.
I tried reapplying permissions and that didn't work
I tried deleting the permissions and adding them back in and that didn't work
I tried adding a new folder and giving it limited access and everyone can see it.
Did I miss something when I installed Cognos and imported the Content Store?
Security / Unable to log using IE or Edge with Cognos 10.2
« Last post by sanchoniathon on 21 Sep 2022 04:19:25 am »

I'm new at the office.

I have a brand new Laptop.

I try to acces Cognos 10.2 using Internet Explorer (i know not suppiaed to but just as a test) or Edge but unable by typing the appropriate http link.

I've been told to use a generic Cognos user that SHOULD let me in. This cognos user has admin rigths.

The thing is that i've also been told that i need to make sure to disable EDGE's single sign on in order to get prompted to provide another user instead of my microsoft account so that i can type in the generic admin cognos user (the office provided me the password) but it doesn't prompt me and simply goes straigth to the cognos error message saying to "... contact your admin ..."

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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