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Dashboards / Dashboard - Summary, Drillthroughs, and Count Issues
« Last post by Vanaeph on Today at 10:15:17 am »
Good morning,
I am working on converting a report to a Dashboard and I am running into a couple of issues.  The first major concern is the output of the report versus the Dashboard is off. 

When I run the report there are a total of 124,556 accounts, when I run the Dashboard there are 127K accounts.  I built the report using the same logic so I am unsure why this is happening and would like to see if there are any recommendations on how to trouble shoot. 

The next issue is that I have a Summary set to the percentage of total accounts.  How I would like it to behave is to show the percentage of total accounts when it is filtered on different criteria, for example if using the filter of product portfolio and selecting commercial it would return the percentage of accounts that are in the commercial portfolio. Currently it never moves from 100% no matter how you slice the data.  The other two summaries I have, Number of accounts and dollar value, function like this and it would be great if I had the same functionality regarding Percentage of total accounts.

I set up two calculations to get the Percentage calculation.  I did:
count(account number) and then labeled the calculation Count_Of_Account_Number 
and then built another calculation called Percentage_Of_Total(Account_Number). 

Finally, I added some drillthroughs based on Product Name, Pass or Fail, and Account.  So far the only drillthroughs that works properly is Pass or Fail.  When it is clicked on  (pass or fail) in the table it returns that subset,  Clicking on the number of accounts.  Returns No Data available

I’m starting to think maybe I should use a crosstab instead of a table and abandon the Count of Account number in the calculation – I’ll try that and see if it helps. 

Any help is appreciated if you can’t tell I’m pretty green when it comes to Cognos. 
Reporting / Pie Chart Refresh Issue
« Last post by SureshMuppala on Today at 09:04:21 am »
Hi All,

I have a Back button on the Report page and Upon selecting it and providing new values, All the values on the report is showing for new selected values expect Pie chart.

All the items including Pie chart using the same query. Not understanding why pie chart is refreshing with new values.

Please can you guys help on this.

Thankyou MF ...... i will look into it. Thankyou very much and good day
Thanks MFGF for your response, i remind your ID from years more than 12 yrs now.

i configured IIS, Virtual directory and able to access it. Earlier in cognos 10 i use to see tomcat, now i don't see it.

how to check the firewall etc....no idea, please share if any docs or steps. TIA


Tomcat got replaced by Websphere Liberty Profile (WLP) back in one of the later Cognos 10 releases, so you're not going to see it in the architecture these days.

You'll need to figure out if your organization has a firewall sitting between you and the installation, and if so, have them open up the ports to allow you access to the IIS virtual directories on the machine. It sounds like the port for remote desktop is already open - otherwise this wouldn't be able to connect.


By default the cognos csv report is tab delimited. Is there any way in which the delimiter can be changed on report levels to either comma or pipe delimited?

I have an array variant field in the database which looks like {"key1":"value1","key2":"value2"} . When i create a csv report with this field, it shows up as "{""key1"":""value1"",""key2"":""value2""}"

Is it possible to have it displayed as {"key1":"value1","key2":"value2"} in the csv report?

Thanks MFGF for your response, i remind your ID from years more than 12 yrs now.

i configured IIS, Virtual directory and able to access it. Earlier in cognos 10 i use to see tomcat, now i don't see it.

how to check the firewall etc....no idea, please share if any docs or steps. TIA

Reporting / Re: Data Change Trigger in Event Studio?
« Last post by Farr.P on 09 Aug 2022 05:13:27 pm »
Sorry - I JUST saw your response.  Is there a visual guide to doing this instead of just verbiage?  I'm really new to this, and this might work, but I've got to see some pictures to get it in my brain.
Administration and Security / Re: Remove Cognos Logon Page
« Last post by dougp on 09 Aug 2022 11:45:00 am »
If you have Cognos configured properly for SSO, the user should only see the login page if they have not authenticated yet.  My guess is SSO is not working properly.  Although, my experience is with using IIS as a gateway on Windows Server and all of the components on prem.

Unless there is some initial configuration issue that would require a professional services contract, SSO being broken is definitely in the scope of IBM Support.  Perhaps you're being told that you are attempting to do something that requires you or your contractor to have a certain level of expertise.

How is that a security hazard?  They're getting the login page, so you are not allowing anonymous access.  Delete or disable all of the logins in the Cognos namespace and nobody can get in if they are not in the external directory namespace.

What happens if users see the login page and enter their credentials for the [non-Cognos] external directory namespace?
What happens if users go to the dispatcher rather than the gateway?
Hi Team,

i am working on cognos test stand-alone installation , i have installed and configured and able to access locally in remote desktop but cant able to access from outside of remote desktop.
when i ping server IP from my system able to ping, but cognos gateway url is unable to access from my system.
pl help



Are you using a web server with your Cognos instance, or is your Cognos instance configured to use the servlet gateway on port 9300? Have you made sure that the firewall is allowing access on either your web server port, or the servlet gateway port?


Reporting / Re: How to filter the data based on textbox prompt
« Last post by dougp on 09 Aug 2022 11:30:29 am »
1) User provides me an excel file with a list of values in a single column.
How does the user determine which 15000 values?  I can't imagine that's a manual process.  Maybe filter on a different column.

Have you tried these properties...
Multi-select = Yes
Multi-line = Yes
...then just pasting in the list from Excel?
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