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Reporting / Re: Next Page Button
« Last post by Palczan07 on Today at 02:55:09 am »

firstly thanks for your answer. For me the page navigation is great, but i'm looking for new solutions.
I wanted to add new button and this button helps me a way to enable to skip directly to next Page, but now i change my concept.

Reporting / Cascade Prompt
« Last post by amoslade on 04 Aug 2021 02:41:47 pm »
We are in the process of an upgrade and going from Cognos 10.2.1 to 11.1.7.  We have reports that were created in 10.2.1 with cascade prompts that are not functioning in 11.1.7.  Is there a known issue with this?
Reporting / Re: Tabbing in Prompt page
« Last post by CognosPaul on 04 Aug 2021 12:05:41 pm »
We upgraded the server operating systems to Server 2019, and then applied the upgrade.  All went well.

i missed the step that said to delete the contents of the certs folder before generating the new cert.   I restored to snapshot and repeated with that step and it went very smoothly.
Reporting / Re: Next Page Button
« Last post by dougp on 04 Aug 2021 11:06:15 am »
Maybe be more clear...?

What's wrong with the page navigation at the bottom of the screen?

Do you mean Page1 in your report design produces many pages and you want a way to enable the user to skip directly to Page2?  If that's it, I can think of two possible solutions:
  • Make them different reports.  Add a drill-through definition that allows you to pass the parameters between the reports without asking the user again.
  • Use render variables to enable the user to navigate.

Both of these options will defeat the page navigation at the bottom.  The user would be required to use your custom navigation system.

Had 15 min with IBM  - we copied the csk and cert folder from the 64 bit install to the 32 bit install and therefore avoided creating another cert.  As per IBM this is not the recommended method but it worked fine.  As I suspected it is the generation of the CSR that creates the camkeystore and the key.

Thanks all! 
So to clarify my question:

Do I generate another SSL certificate for the 32 bit keystore for Framework Manager using the ThirdPartyCertificateToo.bat (that SSL certificate just expired), or is there a way that I can use the one I already generated for the 64 bit keystore on the same server?

Reporting / Next Page Button
« Last post by Palczan07 on 04 Aug 2021 04:27:47 am »


Do You know, how to do "go to next page button"?
I have 2 pages in my raport and I want to add two buttons on the right corner.
First buton will be responsible  for go to previous page and second button will be responsible for go to next page .

Thank-you and yes I understand, however one more question (hoping for direction...fingers crossed).
We do have Framework Manager installed on one of our servers - the Application Server (not the Gateway) in our DEV environment.
Last week I upgraded the server and also renewed the SSL certs - gateway and application server up and running everything okay.

However with the 32 bit Framework manager on the same machine  - how do I add the refreshed encryption certificate to the keystore without generating another CSR and another cert (it would be for the same server)?

Have asked IBM The same but no answer yet.

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