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Reporting / Active Reports Viewer
« Last post by adam_mc on Today at 03:18:08 pm »
With IE sunsetting, does the new Active Report Viewer function with CA 11.1.7 generated Active Reports?
Or, is it only CA 11.2 specific?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Hi Good Friend,

I have similar requirement. I have two Fact tables.


Both has same columns. Fact_1 table has data till year 2020 and Fact_2 has data starting 2021.
Now i need some help figuring out that how can i make FM model to change table name when i run the report so if i select any year = < 2020 then it pulls the data from Fact_1 and if i select year > 2020 then data are fetched from Fact_2 table.

Can it be achived from FM model it self with just one star schema or do i have to create two star schema?

Please suggest possible solution here. I would really appreciate your any suggestions.

Cognos Administration / Adding /configuring an Audit Database
« Last post by actcognosuser on 24 Sep 2021 01:29:00 pm »
Hello Cognos users,

Our Org does not have GUI to access cognos configuration. Is there an IBM document which lists the
steps to add/configure audit database from the server/command line ?
I have migrated to different versions of Cognos for many years but I usually either do a deployment of our current system, or I copy our content store over with all the established active directory user accounts.

This time, I don't want to bring over the old content just yet.  I want to grant my active directory account access so I can see that I can access newly installed version.  If i set authentication to anonymous in Cognos Configuration,  Once in the portal, I dont have access to the active directory namespace that i have set up in Cognos Configuration (it appears inactive).  If I disable anonymous,  I get a user name and password to access the portal.  Since our active directory is CAC card/certificate driven, we have no user name or passwords. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Reporting / Need help in inputting 2 if conditions in one expression
« Last post by harikk on 24 Sep 2021 06:10:35 am »
Facing below error for an if condition I wrote. Please help.

XQE-PLN-0264 The argument at position 2 of the function 'if' is invalid in data item 'Data Item1' of query 'QueryMain', expected one of the following types: 'value'.
RSV-SRV-0042 Trace back:

Below are my data items. If I remove, [ReportingPeriod] = 'P13/14' , the statement works fine. I don't how to use two different conditions in and. Please help
[Data Item1] >

if (?pPeriod? = 'Reporting Period' and [ReportingPeriod] = 'P13/14' )
then ([P13Weeks]) else ([Reporting Period])

[ReportingPeriod] > descandants([Reporting Period],1)
Administration and Security / Cognos Tenant - Migration issue
« Last post by nagoole on 24 Sep 2021 02:15:37 am »
Hi All,

I want to migrate package from one env to another.

Source env package has been configured with tenant and target env not in tenant due to this i am getting error while i migrate package.

DEV team want to migrate package without tenant configure in target. Do we have any other steps get package migrate to target without tenant?


CM-SYS-4272 The object with searchPath '/content/folder[@name='Partner Workstation']/folder[@name='WM Dashboard']/folder[@name='Models']/package[@name='MD Dashboard']' has tenantID 'WMA' in the archive but has tenantID '' in the target system.

Reporting / Need Case Statement to Return a Zero if Null
« Last post by wwconslt on 23 Sep 2021 09:28:30 am »
Hello Everyone,

Using Relational CQM Model.

I created the following case statement.

It works except for one problem. I'm using the results to group on. Sort of a row heading. The user wants to see the row heading even if there are no results ($0) for that line's criteria. It works except when there are no totals that fall in that range. For example, $10M-$25M. Since there are no totals in that range, it doesn't appear in the list. I would like a $0 to appear. I also need to use that $0 for other calculations in other columns, so setting the data format property to show 0 when null won't do the trick.

Should I use nested IF statements?

If I do use a table with singletons to show zeros, is there a way to reference singletons in a layout calculation like Singleton1-Singleton2?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



WHEN ([Total] < 100000)
THEN ('Under $100K')
WHEN ([Total] between 100000 and 249999.99)
THEN ('$100K-$250K')
WHEN ([Total] between 250000 and 499999.99)
THEN ('$250K-$500K')
WHEN ([Total] between 500000 and 999999.99)
THEN ('$500K-$1M')
WHEN ([Total] between 1000000 and 2499999.99)
THEN ('$1M-$2.5M')
WHEN ([Total] between 2500000 and 4999999.99)
THEN ('$2.5M-$5M')
WHEN ([Total] between 5000000 and 9999999.99)
THEN ('$5M-$10M')
WHEN ([Total] between 10000000 and 24999999.99)
THEN ('$10M-$25M')
WHEN ([Total] > 25000000 )
THEN ('Over $25M')

ELSE ('error')


ah! lovely.

Thanks bus_pass_man.

I'll be trying this out today. Your assistance is very much appreciated.
Hello All

I have a critical problem where in I don't have a hierarcy of members in one dimension but I have the same children what I needed in different dimension. Now, my need is to some how call the parent in one dimension and join that to a children under the parent in differnet dimension. Is this possible?

Eg. I have 2 dimensions> Periods and Weeks.. In periods, I have a hierarcy as Reporting Period which has only one child which would change every month.. On the other hand, I have 4 weeks children under each period hierarcy in Weeks dimension for 12 periods in an year..

Now, my actual problem is when I select reporting period child as prompt parameter, I would not have any weeks under that particular month. For that, I need to map to the particular period in weeks dimension. I don't how to achieve this from Cognos modeling with prompts. Can you guide me here please. I have attached the snaps of both the dimensions to this post.
Hi there,

I need your help to know how I can include a new TLS certificate (.cer) in Cognos analytics server.
To have more details, this certificate is necessary to connect with DENODO through Cognos connection.

Thanks a lot

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