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Report Studio / Report Studio Change UTC Time Zone in Filename
« Last post by pmason44 on 29 Sep 2023 12:07:06 pm »
I have an issue where the timestamp that's appended to a saved file report name is in the UTC timezone. I'm specifically referring to files (versions of reports) saved in the report studio. Everything else displayed in report studio has the correct time zone - e.g. created and modified times on reports, scheduled times. Wondering if this value is coming from the cognos database? Does anyone know how to change the time zone? We are running IBM Cognos Analytics version 11.0.12. Please let me know of any other information needed.

I am looking to export the list of Cognos Users and when they were granted the Licenses. Is there any way that we can do this in Cognos Administration?


I have updated RSVP.EXCEL.NUMBEREDSHEETNAMES setting to FALSE for Report Service, Batch Report Service and Report Data Service. We have three dispatchers. I have added this setting on all three servers.
This same setting is working in Cognos 10.2.1. But, not in 11.1.6

I did restart services after making this settings change. But, no luck. What else am I missing ? Did anyone see this issue ?
General Discussion & Gossip / MOVED: Dynamic sorting
« Last post by MFGF on 26 Sep 2023 11:38:42 am »
For example, if a Dashboard Author successfully built one fab v11.2 visualization, is there any way for them to reuse that same object to build a Cognos Report without rebuilding the Report from scratch?

If you mean the entire dashboard layout and contents, then no - dashboards and reports have different internal structures (JSON vs XML). There's also an added complication that dashboards can be based directly on an uploaded file, whereas reports cannot - the file needs to be modelled in a Data Module to be able to use it in a report. However, as long as the dashboard is based on something a report can use as a data source (data module or package), you can copy and paste the visualizations from a dashboard to a report (you can multi-select them in the dashboard and paste them all in one go). To copy, use <ctrl>c and to paste, use <ctrl>v. You don't get the layout, though - you will end up with all the visualizations stacked next to each other. It would be great to be able to take an entire dashboard including the layout and save it as the start point for a report, but as of right now, it's not something the product permits.


Reporting / Calendar Dimension (Weekly) excel spreadsheet
« Last post by Neo310 on 26 Sep 2023 07:46:47 am »
I need to create a report that breaks data down by WEEKS.  My date dimension only has months.  I don't want to manually create week calculations.  Instead, i want to create a data module linked to an excel spreadsheet that has the date dimension (year, month, week).  Does anyone have an excel file that has this information in it already? 

Thank you
That's an eye opener.  A little disturbing, actually.  Early on in my Cognos experience I heard that "Cognos is all about security."  So I figured that would be a default setting that can't be overridden.  But I never tested it.
Solved my own problem!

Figure I'll leave this here in case others hit it.

Hi Folks,
We would like to either disable or hide the ability to browse the "Directory Namespace" when selecting recipients for scheduled reports.

I've tried removing traverse/read access to the namespace object, but then they can't login.  We have multiple user communities in the namespace and dont want them being able to see the user list.

Restricting them to just entering the email of recipients manually is where we want to be.

Thanks in advance,
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