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I agree with you that understanding the source of the problem would be ideal.  It's just not likely.  The "issue" occurred 3 times in April and that's it.  We opened a support case with IBM and the analyst suggested adding more RAM.  Our Dispatcher servers have 64GB currently.  Our Engineering team is pushing back on the RAM request because over a 7 week span, the average RAM usage on those boxes was 42% used (range was 4%-82%).  IBM said the issue is likely related to a report. 

We have been on 12.0.1 since mid-December.  We are an on-prem installation on Windows virtual servers.
 Distributed environment (2 gw servers, 2 CM servers, 2 dispatcher servers). Nothing has changed in the Cognos environment. 

The idea behind this thread is really to understand if there is a general consensus on how often to restart the Cognos services.  We are doing it monthly and have done it monthly through Cognos 10, 11, and now 12. 

Cognos 10 BI / MOVED: Using Javascript with r...
Last post by MFGF - Today at 08:06:50 AM
Administration and Security / Re: How often do you restart y...
Last post by dougp - Yesterday at 02:25:57 PM
This is a bit of an XY problem.  It seems you should identify the source of the problem before assuming a service restart will help.

What version of Cognos Analytics?
I had a problem in my Cognos environment that was intermittently causing CPU usage spikes.  I had identified the problem, but there was nothing I could do about it.  An upgrade eventually fixed it.

What has changed in your environment recently?
For example, I started having some severe problems with Cognos while Cognos was on on prem servers and our databases, domain controllers, etc. were migrating from on prem to cloud services, whether a lift-and-shift to cloud-based VMs or into SaaS services.  Problems continued, and are ongoing, because we are not yet fully migrated.

Technically, a service restart is not a difficult task.  I have a scheduled maintenance window that is automated weekly.  I'm on Windows, so I use the Task Scheduler and PowerShell to perform this.  But a cron job on Linux would allow the same functionality.
Administration and Security / How often do you restart your ...
Last post by mjcotter - Yesterday at 09:52:55 AM
Lately, we have been experiencing some random CPU/RAM spikes that have caused performance issues.  Currently we restart the services monthly.  These spikes have occurred 3 times in the last 6 or so weeks.  For a week or 2 after these issues, we got into the habit of restarting the services and experienced no further issues.  For the past couple of weeks, we have not restarted.

Wondering how frequently people are restarting their Cognos services?

I plan to dig into finding an "automated" way to accomplish this, if we decide to do so more frequently.  We own MetaManager, including the Performance module, so I will look there first.  Otherwise, will explore something via PowerShell or Batch.

Thanks in advance for any insight!!
Reporting / Re: Reporting Running Totals f...
Last post by kw - Yesterday at 08:48:32 AM
Additional details about the reply above:

Also need to presort the [Month] field as ascending in the properties within the query.

The only way I've found this to work is with a report. I cannot get this to work properly within a dashboard.
Reporting / Re: Using Javascript with repo...
Last post by MirzaTinjak - Yesterday at 01:40:48 AM
Thank you on response dougp.

After considering version, correct version is 11.2.1. so i have custom control module way of referencing javascript. ( regarding this, this post should be moved to version 11 subforum ). I find a way to reference .js file but didn't find examples of manipulating with oControlHost. Problem which I am trying to solve is the following:

Let an input list with one column be given. Using javascript, it is necessary to add the first column consisting of textboxes for input. There are as many textboxes as there are rows in the input list column. It is necessary to add a third column which is the sum of the entered textbox and the second column. The result is updated after entering it in any textbox, and remains remembered. It is also necessary for the result (3 columns) to be available in the query later so that further columns can be performed.

The problem can be simplified to the following:
- How to capture a list in javascript to refer to child objects?
- When I add a new column, what type of HTML object must be added to appear as a new column (in the case of the first column textbox, what is the third column)?
- How to ensure that the entry is saved even page up, page down?


define( function() {

    "use strict";
    function dataEntry(){};
    dataEntry.prototype.initialize = function( oControlHost, fnDoneInitializing ) {

    var o = oControlHost.configuration;
    this.m_sListName = o ? o["List name"] : "List1";
    if(!window.sessionStorage.getItem(this.m_sListName+'Rw2UPD')) window.sessionStorage.setItem(this.m_sListName+'Rw2UPD','[]');
    dataEntry.prototype.draw = function( oControlHost ) {

    var elm = oControlHost.container,
        list = oControlHost.page.getControlByName( this.m_sListName ).element,
        listHeaders = list.rows[0].childNodes;
        //listHCount = listHeaders.length;
    //Create a text node and store it in a variable
    let newNode = listHeaders[0].cloneNode(true);
    newNode.innerText = 'Enter value';
    let firstCellH = list.rows[0].insertCell(0);
        for (let i = 1; i < list.rows.length; i++) {
            // Dodajemo novu ćeliju u trenutni red (prva kolona)

            let textBox = document.createElement('input');
            textBox.type = 'text'; // Definišemo tip input polja kao 'text'
            let td = document.createElement('td');
            let firstCell = list.rows[i].insertCell(0);
            // Kreiramo novi textbox i dodajemo ga u prvu ćeliju
            // Dodajemo novu ćeliju u trenutni red (treća kolona)
            //let thirdCell = table.rows[i].insertCell(2);
    return dataEntry;

I provided code what I have done until now.

Reporting / Re: Adding an index to a query
Last post by Cogency - 28 May 2024 08:36:29 PM
Thank you dougp that's working perfectly for me.
Reporting / Re: Using Javascript with repo...
Last post by dougp - 28 May 2024 03:26:49 PM
The basic problem I see here is


ProductEnd of Support
Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.x  2018-04-30
Cognos Analytics 11.0.x2021-09-30
Cognos Analytics 11.1.x2024-04-30

You may want to consider planning an upgrade to at least 11.2.4FP3 before doing too much more work.

The current way to include JavaScript customization is significantly different:
Reporting / Replace a value from calculate...
Last post by manu2105 - 28 May 2024 03:01:37 PM
total([H0 Sales] within set  periodstoDate([Agency Sales - Daily].[Business Days].[All Business Days].[All
Business Days],[Agency Sales - Daily].[Business Days].[All Business Days].[Business Days]->:[PC].[@MEMBER].[21]))

Hi for the above Mun works and I want to replace the value 21 with a query item

tuple([Current Month], BusinessDays) -   this tuple is created as calculated measure and it will return 21 or 22 based on the current month ,

I dont know how to put this query output to 21

Reporting / Using Javascript with reports ...
Last post by MirzaTinjak - 27 May 2024 08:02:13 AM
Hi there,

I am interested in adding .js files to the Cognos server. I added a sample .js file of functions to ./webcontent/bi/js/test.js, but I don't know the correct way to reference it in the Cognos layout using an HTML item. I tried, but it says the function is undefined.

Please, if I made a mistake when writing this topic in the forum, forgive me.

Best regards,